We created Works with Nest in 2014 as a way for smart home devices from other manufacturers to take what Nest knows and help personalize your experience, such as turning off lights when you're away. The connected home has evolved significantly in the past 10 years. In 2019 we made the decision to eventually retire Works with Nest to unify our efforts around third party connected home devices under a single platform for developers with a focus on compatibility, security and privacy. We extended the support for Works with Nest for the last few years, and we will officially end Works with Nest as of Sept 29, 2023. Until that date, all current Works with Nest connections will remain active.

Starting Sept 29, those connections will no longer work and you will lose access to them. In the coming months, for those interested, we'll make available a script editor for you to create advanced home automations that will offer new features and capabilities. We're also working closely with our partners to provide replacement integrations where possible. Learn about the changes and options available to you.