Family Accounts

Each structure in a Nest account has a single "owner." It is possible for a family account to have different owners for different structures. Owners have full control of all devices, settings, subscriptions, and Works with Nest connections in the structure.

Owners can invite other people to share control of the Nest products in their home. Each person with access has a separate Nest account, and can control Nest devices in the owner's home. They can do almost everything that the owner can.

For example, suppose Peter is the owner for both the Main house and the Vacation house. Peter can specify that Chartrice is a family member for the Main house, the Vacation house, or both.

If the logged-in customer is not the owner of all structures in the family account, the authorization flow contains a connection notification.

For example, suppose "Peter" is the owner of "Main house", and "Chartrice" is the owner of "Vacation house". If Chartrice is the current logged-in owner, she can grant permissions for the Vacation house, but not for the Main house.

Within the authorization flow, Chartrice is notified that she can only connect Works with Nest to homes that are owned by her. After she clicks [Continue], the authorization flow continues as usual.

Connection issue


Owners and people with access can use and interact with your Works with Nest product, but their experience differ:

  • Owners and people with shared access can set up, remove, configure, and control Nest products through the Nest app
  • Only owners can set up or remove Works with Nest products for the structures they own
  • People with shared access can use Works with Nest products connected to the owner's structure, if the owner first sets up the Works with Nest connection on their device
  • If a person with shared access attempts to set up a Works with Nest connection to the Nest owner's home, they won't be able to control devices through your app or service
    • In this case, user authorization may seem to work, but the person with shared access won't get device control through that Works with Nest connection (the Works with Nest product will not function as expected)

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