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Works with Nest Store

The Works with Nest Store provides a platform to market your product, grow your user base, and show your customers how easy it is to connect your product with Nest.

Load your product information

Before editing the Works with Nest Store tab on the OAuth Clients page, you must first complete the following sections:

Only the locales that you have localized the permissions descriptions for will be available for selection on the Works with Nest Store tab.


To load your product information to the Works with Nest Store:

  1. Visit the OAuth Clients page
  2. Select the client you want to include in the Store
  3. Select the Works with Nest Store tab
  4. Select [+ Add a new locale entry]
  5. Select your desired locale from those available
  6. Complete the form
  7. Select [Save Locale] to save changes

If a locale is grayed out (unavailable), that means the permission descriptions for your product have not yet been localized.

Add localized product information

After you complete and save the product information form, you can select additional locales and load localized product information for those countries. You also have the option to clone the form information from an existing locale you have completed.

To load additional localized product information for the Store, first add that locale on the Localizations tab.

Your integration is considered available in a country if the end consumers owning your products and related Nest products can activate the Works with Nest integration using your app in the country, regardless of where they bought the product.


Product A is sold in the US only, but the app features a Works with Nest connection link in Germany. The consumer who carried your product from the US to Germany can therefore activate the integration, which is then considered "available."

Product B is sold in all countries, but the US local version of the app does not feature a Works with Nest connection link. Consumers in the US cannot activate the integration, which is then considered "not available."

Form information

The information you add to the form is used to create the product details page in the Store.

Product images

You can upload one to four images to the Works with Nest Store. The image order in the form defines how the images are presented. To rearrange the image order, select an image and drag it.

Select primary image

If you don't have a hardware product but you do have an App or service, we provide some device "shell" assets for download. These assets enable you to make screenshots for your Works with Nest entry. The collection includes mobile, computer, Apple Watch, and tablet shells. You can choose the best interface for your product and then place your UI in the shell.

Keep in mind the following guidelines and requirements.

Image Position Design
Product Primary position 1:
Full size
Required White background
Absolute (head on)
>=1000 x 1000 pixels
1:1 aspect ratio (square)
App UI on
mobile device
Secondary position 2:
Clickable thumbnail
Recommended >=1000 x 1000 pixels
1:1 aspect ratio (square)
App UI or lifestyle Secondary position 3:
Clickable thumbnail
Recommended >=1000 x 1000 pixels
1:1 aspect ratio (square)
Lifestyle Secondary position 4:
Clickable thumbnail
Recommended >=1000 x 1000 pixels
1:1 aspect ratio (square)

Download Nest visual and brand assets:

YouTube video

Show off your product with a video (optional). To include a video, enter your YouTube video URL or just the ID. For example, you can enter the full URL: or just the ID: OT_GLh5b07E.


Tell your users about your product. Add headline text, 140 characters max.

For example, your headline might say: "ACME Smart Light Bulbs light up your life".


Tell your users about your product. Describe your product and its benefits in 2000 characters or less. Say what your product does and how it Works with Nest. This information should build on the functionality that you used when you submitted your product for review.

Be aware of your audience and write descriptions that your users might be interested in. Be sure to include your product benefits - when a potential customer can easily see how your product helps create a more thoughtful home, they are more likely to be interested in your product.


  • The ACME Smart Lightbulb works with your Nest Learning Thermostat to help save you energy by turning off when you are away from home
  • ACME Smart Lightbulbs will flash red when your Nest Protect senses smoke

Show off your brand. Requirements:

  • 280 x 120 pixels minimum
  • 7:3 aspect ratio
  • PNG file format
  • Transparent background

Link to your website, either to your marketing page or to your online Store. Links typically take one of these forms:


Your marketing landing page should include the features of your product, how it works with Nest, and where potential customers can purchase your product.

Your marketing pages are usually targeted for two audiences, potential and current customers. Potential customers are looking to build a thoughtful home and are considering whether to purchase your product. Current customers have already made a purchase, and are looking for more detail about how your product works with Nest.

After your product passes client and marketing review, be sure to include the Works with Nest Badge on your site - you've earned it.

This is a link to instructions on how your users can connect to Nest. Typically this is a link to your support site, where people who own both a Nest product and your product can find information on how to set up a connection.

Links typically take one of these forms:


System requirements

Select the platform(s) and minimum supported version(s) that your product supports.

Product variants

The Works with Nest Store supports multiple variants of a product tied to the same client. For example, perhaps your product ships in multiple colors, and they all need to use the same client for authorization.

Variants are per locale. To add a product variant:

  1. Create the first Store entry for your target locale, as described in Load your product information
  2. Select [+ Add product] to add a variant of the product
  3. Select the same locale as the previous Store entry
  4. Complete the form with details specific to that variant
    • The Name string cannot be the same as an existing Store entry Name—you must add a differentiator (for example, the color) to each variant's Name
    • If your product varies on visible features like color or form factor, make sure the Product Image for each variant accurately reflects those visible features
  5. Select [Save locale] to save changes

Each variant appears as an individual entry, with its own set of locales.


Submit for review

After you've loaded your product information to the Store, submit it for review.

  1. On the Works with Nest Store tab, expand the specific product variant and locale you want to submit for review
  2. Ensure all product information is accurate and complete
  3. Select [Submit for Review]
  4. Repeat for any other variant-locale combinations that are ready for review

During this time, we'll use the Store editorial policy as a guide to make sure your product marketing information meets our requirements. We'll respond with feedback or approval of your request within 5 business days. We might ask for more information, so be sure to plan ahead.

Review status flow

As the review progresses, your Works with Nest Store submission status will change.

  1. After you save your product information, the status changes to IN PROGRESS
  2. After you submit the Store information for review, the status changes to IN REVIEW
    • If you need to make a change, select the WITHDRAW REQUEST option
    • This action will remove your product from the review queue
      • After you save your changes, you'll re-enter the queue, but at the end of the line
  3. After we review and accept your Store submission, the review status will change to APPROVED