Notice: We're retiring Works with Nest. See the home page for more information.

Create a Client

You can have a maximum of 10 clients per Nest developer account.

Create a developer account

When creating a new developer account, you must provide a real email address. We validate the email address that you provide.

For all other fields, we don't do any validation.

Note to hobbyists: If you're experimenting with the Nest API or you're just getting started with IoT, feel free to use dummy info for your developer account and test clients. In other words, you can make up a fake phone number, website URL, support URL, and company name. For example, feel free to use:

The Awesomest Company

When you have actual users, you can update your company and client profiles, as needed.

Gather your product information

Before you create an OAuth client with Nest, you'll need to make decisions that reflect your product design, marketing plans, and user experience. Have this information available when you create a client:

  • Product information
    • Name
      • Your client name is visible to your users and must be unique
      • Client name cannot contain "Nest" or "Works with Nest"
      • Product description
    • Marketing information
      • Includes the expected market categories and number of users
      • We use market categories to make your products searchable in the Works with Nest Store, so be thoughtful in your selection
  • Support URL
    • When your users have issues or questions about your product, they'll see this help link
  • Choose your Works with Nest connection type
    • This decision defines the type of architecture you build and where you store access tokens
  • Choose authorization type (web- or PIN-based authorization)
  • Permissions
    • When you choose permissions, you choose the kind of data your product can access and whether it is authorized to read or write Nest device data

Create your client

To create a client, visit the OAuth Clients page, select [CREATE NEW OAUTH CLIENT], and complete the form in the OAuth Client details page.

Follow these steps to complete the form:

  1. Enter your client name. Remember that a client name:
    • Is analogous to the product name
    • Is visible to users
    • Must be unique
    • Cannot include "Nest" or "Works with Nest"
  2. Describe what your product will do for your users and how your product will interact with Nest devices
  3. Marketing info
    • Select the target number of users
    • Select one or two categories where you expect to market your product
  4. URLs
    • Enter your support site URL
      • When your users have issues or questions about your product, they'll see this help link
    • OAuth redirect URI
      • To use PIN-based authorization, the redirect URI fields must be empty
      • To use web-based authorization, enter a redirect URI (HTTPS is required)
        • If you have a personal/local development environment, you can use a non-secure HTTP with a localhost domain and an optional port number or path:
          • http://localhost
          • http://localhost:port
          • http://localhost:port/path
  5. Select permissions and write descriptions. Choose permissions thoughtfully—if you change permissions later, your users will be asked to re-authorize your product.

Select [CREATE] to register your product.

Client tabs

When you create a client, you'll see a panel that includes these tabs:





  • Add or edit the app platforms supported for your product
    • At least one platform is required for your product to be included on the Works With Nest Store


  • View product localizations, and associated product information and permission descriptions for each
  • Edit a localization to change the default if your product has multiple localizations


  • A form to submit your product for review, or to request more users

Works with Nest Store

  • Add your product information to the Works with Nest Store
    • A new form must be completed for each locale, you want your product to be available in


  • During product review, use this section to communicate with our team and track review progress
  • Optionally, you can opt out of notifications about reviews