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Store Editorial Policy

When you submit product information to the Works with Nest Store, your customers can easily find your listing, learn about product features, see lifestyle images and videos, and link directly to your website.

Works with Nest Store submission

After you build your product and pass product review and marketing review, you can visit your OAuth Clients page and add your product information to the Store.


What you need to load your production information to the Works with Nest Store:

  • Marketing text for headlines and product descriptions
  • Image and video assets that comply with our requirements
  • Website links:
    • Product Link - URL to your product website
    • Get started link - URL to add a Works with Nest connection (where your users can learn how to connect with Nest)
  • Localization for your product information and the Works with Nest Store

How we'll use your product information

We may reference and/or embed the Works with Nest Store within any of our Nest sites or products, including:,, Home Report, the Nest app, and other Nest marketing or advertising.

  • To review or edit your company name, visit your Profile page at
  • To review or edit your product name, visit your OAuth Clients page.

Content guidelines

Use words and pictures to tell a compelling story - say how your product works and how it will complement your customers' home environment. Follow these guidelines to get approval and get into the Works with Nest Store.

  • Submit text, images, and video that engage your customers and are focused on your product's unique features
  • Use lifestyle images and video that clearly show your product in use
  • Check grammar, capitalization, and punctuation - use your preferred style guide, or popular standards such as the AP Stylebook or Chicago Manual of Style.
  • Check the Nest design policies to be sure you're using terminology and assets properly

What not to do

"Before" is an example of poorly-written content guidelines. "After" is what we'd like to see.

Before After

Linking Nest with FTL Lighting gives a system that you'll love and us for years. Consumers can set up app and your lights will turn on when you arrive home.
And, we're expanding next year and can control Nestcams and protects.
Don't accept substitutes - get the worlds best lighting app, recommended by 4 out of 5 homeowners! ON SALE NOW!
When you connect your FTL Lighting home with Nest, you get an automated home lighting system you can customize to fit your busy lifestyle, plus a powerful control system that works from anywhere. With our app, you can:

-- Set the lights in the garage and entryway to turn on when you arrive home, and stay on until you're inside
-- Set the exterior lights to go on at dusk and off at dawn
-- Check the lighting status when you're not at home

We think you'll like what you see.

Here's why the "Before" copy was rejected:


  • Don't use a mix of first and third person ("you will" and "consumers can"). Use first person - it's warmer and more approachable.
  • Don't forget to check for typos and bad grammar ("us" instead of "use"; missing "the" in "the app").

Brand guide compliance

Unsubstantiated claims

  • Don't make claims you can't honor, for example: "you'll love for years" and "world's best". These kinds of claims make your product feel more like a late-night TV infomercial. Instead, describe how your customers will benefit from using your product.
  • Don't mention future product releases - this kind of claim is a promise, one that you can't guarantee.


  • Don't expect to edit your Store information frequently – the information you submit should stay true over time.
  • If you want to announce a sale or a special deal, it's best to put that kind of information on your product website, or make the announcement through social media.

Unacceptable content

If you submit unacceptable content, we may reject your application, so your product won't be included in the Works with Nest Store. Be sure to avoid:

  • Product information that mimics Nest content or violates Nest design policies
  • Scripts and links to products/sites other than your own
  • Special characters, like ®, © and ™
  • Contact names, phone numbers, and addresses
  • Unsubstantiated claims, such as "World's best", "Approved by (some authority)", "Recommended by (some group)"
  • Abstract buzzwords and jargon
  • Inflammatory, controversial, rude, mean, and generally impolite content
  • Any text, images, and video that you don't own


  • We reserve the right to edit submitted content for compliance with our policies
  • We may reject submitted content if it does not comply with our policies
  • We are not responsible for any claims you make for your product
  • We reserve the right to change the order of the images you provide