Notice: We're retiring Works with Nest. See the home page for more information.

User Quota and Limits

When you create a client with the Nest Developer program, we allocate the client a quota of 50 users. As each new user authorizes your product, it counts toward your user quota. If you exceed your quota, you can request more users by submitting your product for review.

To protect service quality and device availability, we implement rate limits per device or structure, and per access token.

For more info, see Data Rate Limits.

User quota

It's important to be aware of the user quota, because when your Works with Nest client reaches the limit, no new users will be accepted.

You'll know when your client is approaching the quota because the Maximum users value changes color as the user count increases.

  • Gray means your client user quota is OK, and under the limit
  • Yellow means your client is halfway to your user quota
  • Orange means your client is approaching the user quota and should request more users
  • Red means you must request more users and submit your client for review and acceptance into the Works with Nest program

Visit the OAuth Clients page to manage your clients and monitor user limits. If you see a red alert in the Quota section, you should request more users via product review.

Request more users

If your product attempts to authorize more than 50 unique Nest Accounts, it must be submitted to Nest for approval into the Works with Nest program, prior to distribution and use by additional end users.

To learn how to request more users, see Product Review.

Remove or delete users

As a developer, you cannot remove or delete users. Your users can, however, choose to deauthorize your product at any time via their Nest app management page.

When a user deauthorizes a connection, or declines to accept the "Works with Nest" request, we will remove that user from the product and revoke any open tokens associated with that user and client. If a user has multiple authorizations, they must deauthorize all connections before that user can be removed from your quota.