Notice: We're retiring Works with Nest. See the home page for more information.

How to Use the Works With Nest Name

Use the phrase "Works with Nest" to describe your product in text or verbal communications including video, film, and broadcast. When describing your product, note that the "w" in "works" is lowercase.

What to do

Use one of these formats:

  • [Company name] works with Nest
  • [Company name] [product name] works with Nest
  • [Company name]'s [product name] works with Nest


  • Acme works with Nest
  • Acme Smart Clock works with Nest
  • FTL Lighting works with Nest
  • FTL Lighting's Magic Pathlights work with Nest

What to avoid

Do not modify the phrase or change the conjugation.


  • Working with Nest
  • Smart Clock now works on Nest
  • Nest Acme Clock
  • Nest's Acme Clock is...
  • We work with Nest