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Works With Nest Branding Policies

Use this guide when you're ready to develop a marketing program and promote your Works with Nest product. Find out how to download Nest product images, submit your materials for the marketing review, and how to promote your Works with Nest product through social media.

When you're ready for marketing review, we'll check that your Works with Nest product complies with all branding policies, including the following:

If all is well, we'll approve your marketing plan for that Works with Nest product. If we find you're not in compliance with our policies, we'll ask you to make corrections before marketing your product using Nest brand assets.

Marketing review process

To submit your materials, email us at with the following information:

  • Description of your marketing program
  • Description of your intended audience
  • Planned communication (list all that apply): Print, Radio, TV, Digital Advertising, OOH, Event, Email, Website, Blog Post, Email, Social Post, Online Video, PR, Sales, Packaging, Spec Sheet, Direct Mail, App Store Submission, or other (please specify)
  • High resolution assets for the planned communication (please provide URL for file download); images should be at least 1000px wide
  • Planned geography (list all that apply): Global, US, Canada, UK, or other (please specify)
  • Estimated reach: 1k - 50k, 50k- 100k, 100k - 500k, or 500k+
  • Contact Information
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email
    • Company
    • Works with Nest product name
    • Phone number

We'll respond with feedback or approval of your request within 5 business days.