Nest Weave

Nest Weave is a network and application protocol designed to provide a secure, robust communications platform for connected devices. Nest Weave is already running in Nest products around the world.

Nest Weave gathers connected devices into a single logical network regardless of the topologies that underlie it. This means that a device on the Thread network can address and communicate with a device on the Wi-Fi network, because they are both contained within the home's Nest Weave fabric.

We developed Nest Weave to satisfy all requirements for devices in the complex ecosystem of the connected home.


Nest Weave was designed to fit on top of IPv6, which means Nest Weave can run over many different underlying networks that support IPv6. Nest Weave runs over Thread and Wi-Fi, and in the future could run over other networks including Bluetooth, LTE and Ethernet.

Compact, low power and low bandwidth

The Nest Weave software stack is small for its capabilities. It runs on single MCU devices with as little as 64 KB of RAM. A low-power device using Nest Weave over Thread can operate on a single battery for years.


Nest Weave has a dedicated layer of security that runs on top of the network layer. Regardless of the quality of the security provided in the network layer beneath it, Nest Weave can guarantee the same high level of security for the products connected to it.

Reliable and low latency

When Nest Weave is running on top of Thread, it inherits the self-healing mesh network. Connected devices continue to operate even when they lose their connection to the Internet. Underneath all this, the Nest Weave reliable messaging protocol ensures that communications arrive where they're going, no matter what kind of sleepy or high latency low-power devices they travel through.